Below are examples of how images of your products will appear in terms of our predesigned packages. The appearance of your images might differ based on product type and customizations. If these images do not represent what you envisioned, let us know–We are here and happy to help discuss your goals.

Spin Packages (2)

Package A: Single Spin (Product only)

In addition to our standard single spins, we also offer “Multi-row spins”. Where a single row spin is a full 360º view from one angle, a two-row spin consists of 2 full 360º views taken from two different angle. A three-row spin consists of three different angles.

Two-row spin. Drag up and down as well as left to right to see an additional view.

Three-row spin. Drag up and down as well as left to right to see two additional views.

Package B: Double Spin (Product in-and-out of package)

Still Packages (5)

Package C: Marketing Set (Front, slight left turn, slight right turn, all taken from an upward angle)

Package D: Six-Image Set (Front, back, left, right, top, and bottom of product or package)

Package E: Full Capture (The entire six-image set of Package D PLUS the UPC code and ingredients/nutrition panel)

Package F: Family Photo (Still image of multiple items in the same brand family or product line)

Package G: Lightly Stylized (Product is gently styled to show product against package or how product would look in use)

Package H: Front and Back (Taken straight on or directly above)

Spin and Still Packages (2)

Package I: Spin and Still Set (Full-capture set, plus single spin package… Packages A&E)

Package J: Spin and Still Set Deluxe (Full spin and still set, plus a quick style or family image (Packages A, E, and F or G)

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