Out of Package

Substance inside the unit. For instance, an individual energy bar, not including the packaging.


And individual, one-item packaging level. For instance, one energy bar inside of a pack.


Inners are boxes, bags or heat-sealed packaging that come inside a case, holding together like items (i.e. Units). For instance, a box of energy bars is an inner. The individual energy bar is a unit.


Boxes that hold together like items (i.e. Inners and Units).

Packaging Levels

Different levels of the products packaging that we need to photograph

Marketing Images

3 Images at 15 degrees: Front, Right & Left.

Standard Imaging

All 6 sides of the Case and the Product, Marketing Shots, Information Panels & Ancillary Images if needed.


Content Delivery Network. A third-party provider that will display and serve your images


Product Verification Solutions


GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit organization. GS1 standards are rules that “improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels in 25 sectors.” In short, they keep business transactions clear and uniform. Many online vendors require GS1 standards be met. We always photograph and format to GS1 standards so you don’t have to worry about it.

Planogram images

6 sides of a product: Front, Right, Back, Left, Top, Bottom


“Map” of the grocery shelf. Used by retail store personnel to place product in the correct location


Automated table used to spin products 360 degrees

24 Spin

A spin of 24 images stitched together. The product is turned and shot every 15 degrees. The 24 Spin can generally be used for all product types.

36 Spin

A spin of 36 images stitched together. The product is turned and shot every 10 degrees.

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