• Beginning the Process/Getting Your Products to PVS

    Besides the physical product or item, what else do you need from me?

    We require that you include a spreadsheet of your products that includes your unique item code and a brief description (i.e., “12 oz bag of Columbian coffee”). For best results, feel free to download our upload sheet and fill in the necessary information.

    Do I have to prepay for your services?

    We require a 50% deposit in order for us to begin any project unless we have established credit terms. We accept all the major credit cards, checks or wire transfers. Due to the high risk of cyber-criminal activity, we do not store any credit card information.

    How do I get my products to your studio?

    Once we have discussed and finalized your order, we will send you specific shipping information. We have the capabilities and facilities for any LTL or full semi-trailers to back up directly to our warehouse. For those who do not need such volume, we also receive items through major shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.).

    Do I have to send them overnight?

    Yes! Once we receive your products, they will be placed into our workflow. But however you ship your items, please be sure to package them safely to avoid any damages in transit.

    Can I drop my products off?

    Yes! Drop-offs can be made during all business hours (8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday). You are always welcome to call ahead of time to make sure someone will be available to hande your product immediately. Our address is PVS Studios, 8475 Western Way, Jacksonville, Florida 32256.

  • After My Products Are Photographed

    Will I get my products back once you have completed photography?

    If you include a return shipping label with your original delivery, we will return the product(s) when our work is finished. If this interests you, please feel free to call to discuss further. We can explain, more specifically, how to ensure that your return shipping preference is included in your account from set-up.

    What happens to my products if I don’t want them returned to me?

    This is the case for most of our clients…you are far from alone! With your permission, we donate all products. In 2019, we donated over 52 tons, or 104,000 pounds of food, health, and beauty items to local charities and food banks. None of that would be possible without the generosity of our clients.

    Can I get a donation receipt?

    As long as you are able to list and determine the value of your items, we will make sure to secure a donation receipt for you! Please let us know ahead of time if this is something you would like us to do.

  • What is Included in My Order?

    What if I don’t want the full GS1 image-set you provide?

    The first step in our process is determining what images you want and need. We work directly with you to ensure what images, angles, and setups will serve you best. If GS1 is not for you, we won’t bother you with a full image set.

    Do you provide weights and measurements of the items we send you?

    If your product comes in a commercially traded container (such as, a shampoo bottle, cereal box or a remote control), we automatically weigh and measure the item. However, if there is no defined shape (for example, a bundle of wires or a product that incorporates multiple items), it is hard to determine a precise and repeatable measurement. In this case, no measurement will be taken.

    How do you provide the measurement data to me?

    When we deliver your images, we would also provide a .csv or excel file with the measurements tied to your product ID number.

    What kind of file formats do you provide?

    As a default, we provide all 360 spins in .jpeg format and all still images in either .jpeg or .tiff. If you require another format, please let us know prior to starting your project.

    What is the resolution of the images you provide?

    All images are captured at a resolution, or pixel density, of 5760px x 3840px. We generally deliver images with a height of 3000 px, or 10 inches tall. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to discuss other image sizes and resolutions.

    Who owns the usage rights to the images you take of my items?

    Unlike many other image providers, we grant you 100% unlimited royalty free rights to use and distribute as you may need. We do reserve the right (although we would always ask your permission) to use the images we took for our own training purposes or marketing needs, such as, showing them on our webpage as examples.

  • Understanding Our Terminology

    You list GS1 compliant images, what does that mean?

    GS1 is a set of image guidelines that all manufacturers must follow. GS1 includes specifications in image angles and file naming convention to ensure consistency from product to product. For a more detailed explanation, please see our GS1 white paper.

    You also list Amazon Ready Images, what does that mean?

    Large companies, such as, Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot, have their own unique set of image guidelines. PVS is knowledgeable and proficient in all these requirements and can accommodate per your request. Our default standard is GS1, which is the most comprehensive and will satisfy most, if not all, of the specific image requests.

  • Using The Images

    How do I view a 360 spin on my website?

    Viewing 360 spins on a computer or mobile device requires special code or a plugin embedded into your website. There are several companies that will provide this service for you. One example, and who we currently use, is Sirv.com. Most major eCommerce services (Big Commerce, Shopify, Woo Commerce, etc.) have this ability built into their solutions. For more detail please reference our blog on How do I display a Spin.

    How does a 360 Spin work?

    A 360 spin is actually a series of 24 individual images, photographed at specific angles as the product is rotated. With the use of special software, the images are stitched together to create one continuous image. The code used enables the viewer to interactively rotate the spin. For multi-row/level spins, another 24 images are produced for each row or level.

    Can I use the individual images by themselves?

    Yes, each image is simply a standard .jpeg file.

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