• 10 Ways 360° Photography Can Grow E-Commerce Business

    Online retail sales are on a path of steady growth. E-commerce is expected to see upwards of 4.88 trillion dollars in revenue by the year 2021! Since increasing numbers of consumers are turning to online shopping, the stakes (and opportunities) for online retailers are higher than ever.

    So how should you be keeping up with the competition? According to 93% of shoppers, visual appeal is one of the biggest deciding factors in a purchasing decision. With so many potential customers looking to visuals, your company simply cannot rely on subpar product imagery. Rather than a static image, an interactive, 360° photo can provide the competitive advantage you need.

    Seizing Opportunity with 360° Photography

    What does this mean for your business? It means aesthetics matter. Here are 10 ways that aesthetically pleasing 360° photography can increase your e-commerce sales.

    1. Create staying power

      Studies have shown that 52% of online shoppers will abandon a website and not return if they don’t like the website’s overall aesthetics. In other words, you can lose over HALF of your potential clients because your website doesn’t “look good.” Not only would this hurt your bottom line, but it would also damage your ranking on Google. Using 360° product photography to create visually appealing imagery is essential to keeping eyes on your e-commerce store.

    2. Reduce returns

      Compared to the 8% return rate of brick-and-mortar stores, around 25% of online orders are returned. Of those returns, 22% are due to the product received not looking like the product advertised. Using 360° photography means giving your customers a better overall view of the product so they can be fully informed about what to expect when they receive the item. Fewer surprises and less confusion upon delivery means fewer returns.

      Figure 1-Data collected from Business2Community.com


    3. Stand out

      Venture over to the pages of your competitors and see whether they’re leveraging the power of 360° photography. If you showcase your products to your customers in the best way possible, you can position yourself as a leader within your industry.

    4. Increase conversions

      Getting customers to your website is your first goal as an e-commerce seller. Once they’ve arrived, your next goal is to convert them into paying customers. That’s where the 360° photo comes in. In a case study with DueMaternity.com, the investment in 360˚ photography resulted in a 27% increase in conversion rates.

    5. Offer reassurance

      The 2019 Episerver Reimagining Commerce Report found that 83% of first-time visitors to a brand’s website have intentions other than making a purchase; 22% of those first-time visitors are comparing costs and other variables. By offering 360° photo views, you’re providing visitors a more comprehensive look at the product they’re considering and enabling them to feel good about their shopping choices.

    6. Elevate social attraction

      On social media, imagery is even more powerful. Sixty-three percent of online shoppers have clicked on a social media ad, according to the 2019 Episerver report, and 33% of those shoppers went on to make a purchase. Bland, static product photos cannot compete in a sea of filtered images and viral videos. Rotating 360° product photography ups the chances that your online ad will be seen and that a purchase will ultimately be made.

    7. Attract Millennials & Gen Z

      While e-commerce sites might be able to get by with flat imagery if Baby Boomers are their main target audience, Gen Z and even Millennials grew up largely in the digital age. They expect a cutting-edge and interactive online experience. Full 360° views provide the immersive experience that many online shoppers prefer.

    8. Build Trust

      When you offer 360° photo views of your products, you’re telling your customers that you have nothing to hide. Building trust breeds loyalty—and loyal customers are the backbone of a company’s overall success.

    9. Build Vendor Relationships

      In addition to the connections that you form with your customers, building and maintaining lasting relationships with your vendors is also extremely important. If you’re an e-commerce marketplace that offers a wide range of products from various vendors, utilizing 360° photography does more than show that you’re dedicated to a stellar selling experience: It shows vendors that you’re a credible e-commerce business working in their interest as well as yours.

    10. User-Friendly

      The full potential and utilization of 360° images doesn’t start and end with a desktop—they’re mobile friendly too. With 44% of online shoppers doing most of their shopping on their mobile devices, offering an effective mobile experience is a must.

    Give 360° Product Photography a Spin

    To get a jump on the competition and get more eyes on your products, schedule a call today with PVS Studios’ 360° photography experts or head to www.pvsstudios.com.

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